17 October 2021,   00:34
UK is a strong supporter of Georgia’s progress and its applications to join the EU and NATO - Ambassador

Diplomats accredited in Georgia expressed their position on the yesterday developments. The ambassadors express their support for Pride Week and say that respect for human rights is essential for the country’s progress.

“The UK was really proud to support tonight’s event. It is absolutely right that everyone should have the freedom to gather and to be themselves. I think respect for human rights is absolutely critical. We are a strong supporter of Georgia’s progress and its applications to join the European Union and NATO and respect the human rights is at the core of both of those organizations. Also, I want to pay gratitude to the police who provided security to this event so far and I hope that will continue”, - said British Ambassador Mark Clayton.

“People who want to be recognized as part of society, they want to be recognized as part of the Georgian nation. I think what they are doing is important for everyone in Georgia because anyone wants to live in a country where human rights are safeguarded and everybody can express their opinion freely and without fear of violence. I have the hope that all of this entire Pride week, including the Pride march, will take place without violence and fear on any side”, - added German Ambassador Hubert Knirsch.

“It is a screening of a very exciting and inspiring movie. It is a story about the rights of the LGBT community but it is a broader story about human rights in general. I think there is a wonderful story happening in Georgia, which is Georgia transforming itself in a country that cares deeply about individual rights, about diversity, about modernity, about European style development. This is something we passionately care about and we are western partners of Georgia, keen to help the country on this way. This march is very much about the transformation of Georgia into a modern, European country”, - concluded French Ambassador Diego Colas.