25 January 2022,   11:18
I would like to express sincere gratitude to more than 20,000 of our troops, you have been protecting security all around the world and in our homeland - Irakli Garibashvili

The Prime Minister thanked Georgian troops for their selfless service and the successful completion of their 17-year-long efforts in Afghanistan at the event celebrating the completion of the peacekeeping mission in mentioned country.

“The participation and contribution of our country and troops to peacekeeping missions engaging NATO, the EU, and our international partners clearly demonstrates our country’s readiness to be a security provider and to fight alongside our partners for protecting world peace-as clearly evidenced by the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan that started back in 2004. We are the largest contributor of troops to this mission among non-NATO countries. And we have proved in deed our support for the NATO member and partner states in the cause of strengthening global security. I would like to express sincere gratitude to more than 20,000 of our troops, our hero soldiers, who have participated in the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. You have been protecting security all around the world and, of course, in our homeland. Our professionalism, selflessness, and heroism have drawn our country closer to the West. I thank each of you for your contribution and honorable service. I bow to the memory of our 32 hero soldiers. Their memory and selflessness will take a special place in the history of our country and armed forces.

Special thanks to our undefeated wounded and injured fighters, who continue protecting our country’s interests and protecting our homeland. They have been protecting global peace and our country"s security at the expense of their own health. I assure you that Georgia will continue strengthening global security in every format, cooperating with our partners and contributing to that end. Our country knows well the importance of partnership and protecting security. To be successful in fulfilling these and other obligations, we will continue empowering our armed forces, enhancing their readiness, upgrading our troops, and the state’s worthy appreciation of our service members. Once again, I congratulate all of you on the completion of this mission. I wish you success. Once again, thank you for your honorable service. May God be our protector!”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.