17 October 2021,   01:36
According to the International Monetary Fund, Georgia’s economic growth is 7.7%

The Prime Minister of Georgia spoke today about the plans to lift restrictions, pointing out that the Government’s measures yielded concrete results when unprecedentedly high economic growth was achieved.

“When we, a few months ago, decided to lift restrictions, we were guided solely by the interests of our people. Our actions brought about concrete results reflected in April’s unprecedented, 45% economic growth, a truly unprecedented event not only in the region, but one may say in all of Europe. In the same vein, our economic growth in May was quite high as well, within 25%.

According to preliminary statistics, June will be just as successful, between 15% and 18%. Ultimately, it follows that, in the first 6 months, our economy will grow by about 12%. That, of course, has enabled us to mobilize additional budget resources, the reason why the Finance Minister prepared relevant amendments and presented an amended budget to Parliament.

Besides, I want to comment on the International Monetary Fund’s decision agreeing with our projection that, this year, our country’s economic growth will be 7.7%, as opposed to 3.5% previously. The latest corrected projection increases it to 7.7%. Consequently, we must do everything to keep this strong, positive pace, which is why I once again ask our citizens to engage in the process of vaccination”, - added Irakli Garibashvili.