17 October 2021,   01:25
Government has imported more vaccines than necessary - Irakli Garibashvili

The Prime Minister of Georgia urged the population to engage in vaccination, adding that the Government has imported more vaccines than necessary.

“Almost everything in the country has reopened, up and running. Rapid economic revival and revitalization has begun. Our citizens have returned to their jobs. In Batumi, for example, I saw yesterday that every establishment, restaurant, and café/bar was packed full of our citizens and tourists alike. Tourists are flocking to Batumi and our other destinations, the reason why I am asking our dear citizens: All this will go to waste if we are forced to reintroduce lockdown.

I hate repeating this word, lockdown. We have lifted all restrictions, including outdoor facemask use, because it seemed unbearable to wear a mask in this heat. But that, of course, must be a personal decision. Those who wish can wear masks outdoors. But we said that facemasks should be mandatory indoors, at bus stops, on transport. Another issue is a curfew. We lifted movement restrictions, and now our citizens enjoy free movement at night. Vaccines used to pose a problem, but we imported more than necessary. Let me remind you that a million vaccines were delivered 2 weeks ago.

The process of importing a million doses of Pfizer has already begun, to continue every weekend. The American Government is also planning to donate vaccines in the nearest future. Yesterday, we received an additional 500,000 Chinese Sinovac vaccines, to make it 1.5 doses already in place. And the biggest argument for our citizens is that the likelihood of infection is very low, and fatality is virtually nonexistent, among those vaccinated. There may be but few deaths among the vaccinated around the world. This is the only practical means to protect the health and lives of our citizens, our family members, our children, explaining why I once again ask our citizens to become actively involved in vaccination.

Yesterday, we administered 11,000 doses, which is not enough. Unless we reach 20,000-30,000 vaccinations a day, dear friends, we will find it hard to manage this process. Today, we have 2,600 infection cases. And that is extremely alarming. I once again warn our citizens that it is a very dangerous trend. On one hand, we want to keep high economic growth rates, progress, and welfare of our citizens. We want everyone to be happy. On the other, the Government has one simple request. Please get vaccinated! I think it is very easy to do”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.