11 August 2022,   07:08
Biden to tap career diplomat John Bass to Senior State Department management post

U.S. President Joe Biden is poised to nominate a seasoned career diplomat, John Bass, to a key U.S. State Department management role as part of his administration’s efforts to revive a demoralized diplomatic corps.

John R. Bass, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Career Minister, currently is a Senior Advisor at the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute. He has served as Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, and Ambassador to the Republic of Georgia. Previously, Bass focused, among other things, on supporting U.S. government efforts to mobilize allies and marshal resources to combat terrorism and instability in Iraq, Syria and Southwest Asia.

He served at seven U.S. Missions overseas including as Team Leader of Provincial Reconstruction Team - Baghdad at the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. In addition, he was the Executive Secretary of the State Department and held other senior leadership positions at the Department of State. Bass earned an A.B. Cum Laude from Syracuse University.