28 September 2021,   23:02
Parliament again fails to elect CEC chairperson and members even

The Parliament of Georgia failed to elect a Central Election Commission chairperson and professional members even with a 90-vote quorum.

The results of today’s voting are as follows:

Candidates for the post of Chairman of the CEC:

Giorgi Kalandarishvili 81 - for, 7 - against;
Giorgi Santuriani 3 - for, 8 - against;

Candidates for the I vacant position of the CEC:

Gia Tsatsashvili 77 - for, 7 - against;
Lela Tariuli 17 - for, none against;

Candidates for the II vacant position of the CEC members:

Tamar Sartania 14 - for, 5 - against;
Maia Zaridze 78 - for, 5 against;

Next weeks these candidates will be voted on by a majority of all MPs.