25 September 2021,   15:55
Why lockdown is not planned in Georgia - Natia Turnava’s explanation

Minister of Economy explains why lockdown is not planned in Georgia. As Natia Turnava said, closing down the economy means lost income.

“The difference compared to the previous period is that there is a sufficient number of vaccines. It is quite enough for the majority of the population to get vaccinated on time. This is the way to overcome the current situation and thus fight coronavirus, not locking down. Lockdown is an unacceptable form.

As for the tightening of measures, we still make recommendations to wear facemasks, to follow the recommendations. The facilities follow these rules, where they do not follow - there is a control. In addition, there won’t be any decision to have sectoral, targeted restrictions or closure of any sector. We will do our best to overcome this trend with mass vaccination”, - added the Minister of Economy.