25 September 2021,   16:01
Participation in AGILE SPIRIT 2021 is another demonstration of the UK’s commitment to Georgia’s NATO aspirations – the Embassy

The British Embassy in Georgia has released a statement regarding its participation in the multinational military exercise AGILE SPIRIT 2021.

“The UK is delighted to be part of Ex AGILE SPIRIT 2021, a large scale multi-national exercise hosted by the Georgian Defence Forces; with over 4000 military personnel and 15 allied and partner nations. A contingent from the UK’s Specialised Infantry Group (Spec Inf Gp) will be working alongside their Georgian, US, Romanian and Polish counterparts.

The exercise provides an opportunity for all nations to test their readiness and interoperability in a wide variety of realistic training scenarios. Another demonstration of the United Kingdom’s steadfast and enduring commitment to Georgia’s NATO aspirations and security in the region”, - reads the statement of the Embassy.