28 September 2021,   23:05
Zurab Japaridze leaves Parliament

Leader of “Girchi For More Freedom” leaves the Parliament. Zurab Japaridze wrote about this on his Facebook page after the briefing of the Georgian dream about Charles Michel agreement.

“The withdrew from the April 19 agreement a week after the visit of the author of this document… Focusing on the fact that the United National Movement did not join the agreement is absurd. This agreement was not made for the UNM.

The implementation of this document was important for Georgia.

Well, that’s what the Americans and Europeans thought. Withdrawal from this agreement means a rejection of the Euro-Atlantic future of this country. It has been proven once again that these people are liars and that an agreement with them means nothings, just like with the Kremlin.

I am leaving the legislature - being in Parliament was a commitment I made by signing the April 19 agreement. There is no agreement, there is no obligation”, - writes Zurab Japaridze.