18 September 2021,   20:36
Large-scale vaccination of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs actively in progress

Large-scale vaccination process for the employees of various structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs against COVID-19 is actively in progress. Employees of the Patrol Police Department, Service Agency, Special Tasks Department and Community Police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were vaccinated against the "COVID-19" vaccine at “Tbilisi Sea Plaza" Immunization Center.

The vaccination procedure is carried out at ten medical cabinets by the medical staff employed at the Healthcare Service of the MIA and other structural units of the agency. The cabinets are equipped with appropriate medical appliances, fully ensuring that the vaccination process and its follow-up period are carried out in a safe environment.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be vaccinated any day of the week with “Pfizer” “Sinopharm” and “Sinovac” vaccines without prior registration.

The process of wide-scale vaccination for the employees of the MIA against COVID-19 is being conducted throughout the country.

At this stage, more than 18 000 employees of the Ministry have already received vaccine shots.