21 May 2022,   17:28
Giorgi Amilakhvari to head the election headquarters of Kakha Kaladze

Tbilisi Mayor and the nominee for the mayoral post at the 2021 local elections, opened Tbilisi election headquarters. It will be headed by Giorgi Amilakhvari.

Kakha Kaladze invited every citizen to express his/her viewpoint.

“I want to introduce you to a person who will head my election headquarters and become a friend and fan of every person living in Tbilisi who came here. This person is a young, energetic and distinguished member of our team Giorgi Amilakhvari has great experience working in the field of education and relations with young people.

He is a good manager, an active, progressive, and energetic person, with whom we will conduct the election campaign in such a way that with our victory, not only one political group, not only me as one candidate but also Tbilisi and those living in this city will win”, - said Tbilisi Mayor.