08 December 2021,   11:39
Unemployment is the biggest problem facing the Georgian economy - NDI

According to the new poll of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Georgians identify jobs, poverty, and rising prices/inflation - all worsened by the pandemic - as the top issues facing them and their families. A majority of citizens (68%) say that they can afford fewer goods, products and services than before the pandemic. Moreover, a quarter of the population reports either losing their job completely (8%) or experiencing salary/income reduction (13%) since the start of the pandemic; a plurality said they remain unemployed.

Looking ahead, a plurality of citizens (42%) believe that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is yet to come.

The results reflect data collected between July 13-25, through telephone interviews with a nationwide representative sample of Georgia’s adult population, excluding occupied territories, that included 2,016 completed interviews. The average margin of error is +/- 1.3%. Respondents were selected using the random-digit-dial method.