29 May 2022,   10:04
Merkel says Germany to keep evacuating from Kabul but needs U.S.

Germany will keep evacuating people from Afghanistan as long as it is responsible to do so, Chancellor Angela Merkel told conservative lawmakers on Wednesday, adding, however, that this is only possible with the United States, two sources said, writes Euronews.

Thousands of people are still desperate to flee the country after Kabul fell to the Taliban last week and before an Aug. 31 deadline.

Germany’s Bundeswehr has so far flown more than 4,500 people out of Afghanistan, tweeted the foreign ministry. Around 3,700 of them are Afghan nationals, with women and girls making up about half the number.

Many journalists and human rights activists are among those who have been flown out, it said.

Broadcaster ARD had earlier reported that German evacuations may stop as soon as Wednesday.

“There will be no special path for Germany. All steps are being closely agreed with partners”, one source quoted Merkel as saying.