30 November 2021,   09:29
Georgia is trying to reduce foreign debt as much as possible - David Zalkaliani

The Minister of Foreign Affairs responds the statements of MEP Viola von Cramon and former US Ambassador Ian Kelly over the Government’s decision “not to seek funds from the EU’s Macro-Financial Assistance programme”.

“Georgia’s current situation is different, and the country is trying to reduce foreign debt as much as possible as it puts a heavy burden on the economy.

The European Union says it accepts justice reform by the Georgian authorities, but it is insufficient. No one denies this was a conditionality. Our position is based on legal assessments and recommendations from the Venice Commission. The recommendations have been largely implemented. There are different perceptions between us and the EU, leading to a mismatch of positions.

The economy has a very positive dynamics, there is a growth of 12% in the last 6-7 months, in these conditions, of course, it would be economically unjustified to take a new loan, which would put another heavy burden on foreign debt.

The explanation of the Georgian government on this issue was absolutely understandable and it should not be presented as if Georgia has deviated from the EU integration processes”, - said David Zalkaliani.