23 October 2021,   00:22
Megis Kardava extradited from Kyiv

Former chief of military police of Georgia, Megis Kardava was extradited from Kyiv to Tbilisi today. He was wanted by the Georgian authorities since 2013 on multiple charges.

In one of those cases related to torture of detainees, Kardava was found guilty and sentenced by the court in 2014 to 9 years in prison in absentia.

He was also found guilty and sentenced by Georgian court in absentia over number of other criminal cases, among them the 2006 prison riot, the Navtlugi special operation, the torture and sexual abuse videos case, etc.

In 2011, Megis Kardava was the deputy head of the Interior Ministry’s Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti regional police department. Later, he led the Defense Ministry’s Military Police Department, but left the country in 2012 after the Georgian Dream came to power.

Ukrainian law enforcers have detained him in 2017.