20 October 2021,   11:41
ISFED publishes the second interim report on pre-election environment

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) published its second interim report on the upcoming elections.

The report, covering a period from August 31 through September 21, highlights several possible violations, including violence, alleged cases of political pressure and dismissals.

ISFED identified 2 cases of violence; 20 instances of alleged political pressure or threats; 5 cases of alleged vote-buying; 12 instances of participation of unauthorized persons in the election campaign and 1 instance of participation by the incumbent official; 4 possible dismissals on political grounds; 5 alleged facts of politicization of educational institutions; 3 alleged cases of the use of administrative resources and damaging of agitation materials throughout the country.

According to the organization, the pre-election campaign was also “significantly shaken” by the leaking of alleged State Security Service leaked files.