20 October 2021,   12:09
Prosecution service has indicted 1 person for grievous bodily injury of 2 individuals

The Prosecution Service of Georgia has indicted D.D. for grievous bodily injury of two individuals, which happened in Gantiadi Village, Dmanisi District. The investigation carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has established that on September 21, during the meeting of the candidate for Dmanisi Mayor with the residents of Gantiadi Village, D.D., having political motives, stabbed M.O. and Sh.S with a knife. As a consequence, the victims suffered serious bodily injuries.

Law enforcement officers arrested D.D. on September 22, 2021. He was indicted under Article 117 §7 (a) of the Criminal Code of Georgia (grievous bodily injury committed against two individuals), which provides for imprisonment for a term of nine to thirteen years.

The Prosecution Service will file a motion on applying a measure of constraint to the defendant before Bolnisi District Court within the term set by the law. Investigation into the criminal case continues.