23 October 2021,   00:01
What did Mikho say, is he coming? - Irakli Garibashvili about Irakli Saakashvili

What did Mikho say, is he coming? The answer is simple - as soon as Saakashvili enters our land, he will be arrested and imprisoned. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister while commenting the arrival of former Georgian President.

“This man has been threatening to come for 8 years. He does not come, he cannot come, because he is a coward, he knows that he will go to prison. Saakashvili’s only goal is to destabilize our country.

His desire is to return to power, which is an unattainable dream for Saakashvili and his oppressive team. Today the state is strong and Mikho and his gang should not think it is 2003 in Georgia.

Any provocation will be strictly punished in accordance with law. Suppose this coward man is kicked out and he arrives in Georgia. What should happen?

No one on this land can oppose the law and whoever opposes it will go to jail. We guarantee this in the name of law and the state. Saakashvili is convicted and he deserves prison. The calls that people will come out and protect him are a complete lie and falsity. He can barely gather 5,000 people”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.