09 December 2021,   10:36
Man armed with bow and arrow kills five people in Norway attacks, police say

A 37-year-old Danish citizen is in custody suspected of killing five people in a bow-and-arrow attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg, police said on Thursday, writes Al Jazeera.

Two others were injured in the attack in Kongsberg, which lies about 68km southwest of Oslo. The motive behind the attack remains unclear.

“The police are giving this information because of all the rumours on social media regarding people who are not linked to these very serious acts”, - police said in a statement in which they gave the suspect’s nationality but did not identify him.

The suspect, who was apprehended 20 minutes after the attack began, is believed to have been acting alone, police said earlier.

According to police, the suspect walked around the city shooting people with arrows. Norwegian police said they will investigate whether the attack amounted to an act of terrorism.