06 December 2022,   11:44
After spending just USD153 on campaign, truck driver beats NJ Senate President

New Jersey’s longest-running state Senate president has lost his seat to a truck driver who reportedly spent only USD153 on Dunkin and paper fliers over the course of his campaign, writes NBC.

Steve Sweeney, the Democratic Senate president in NJ, has lost to Edward Durr, a furniture company truck driver. With 98% of the vote counted, Sweeney remained about 2,000 votes short of Durr when The Associated Press called the race Thursday morning.

The loss by one of New Jersey’s most powerful politicians will result in upheaval of political power in the state, forcing the Senate to find a new president. Sweeney has been the chamber’s leader since 2010.

Just four years ago, he won reelection in what at the time may have been the most expensive legislative race in American history.