06 December 2022,   12:01
Green Passport comes in force from December 1

The concept of the Green Passport will come into force on December 1. A so-called green status is granted to those fully vaccinated and have passed 72-hour-validity PCR or 24-hour-validity antigen tests, or have recovered from coronavirus, will be eligible for Green Passports.

Green Passports will be required of citizens aged over 18.

On the Coordination Council’s decision, “Green Passport only” admission will apply from December 1 to the following: eateries, restaurants, cafes, and bars (both outdoor and indoor), cinemas, theaters, opera houses, museums, concert halls, entertainment centers, casinos and gambling sites, spa centers, fitness clubs, hotels, and aerial lifts in winter resorts. Said requirement also applies to the guests of the listed facilities. As for entertainment centers for children, Green Passports are mandatory for citizens aged over 18.