27 November 2022,   12:05
Structural units of the MIA participate in staff and field components of "Didgori 2021" exercise

The inter-agency exercise “Didgori 2021” which serves to enhance coordination and interoperability between government agencies in war and crisis situations, is in its active phase. Up to 200 representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participate in the exercise both, in staff and field components.

During the active phase of the exercise, the field component was held with the involvement of the representatives of the Border Police aviation and Strategic Pipeline Protection Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in coordination with the Special Operations Forces of the Ministry of Defense. The operation was monitored by the simulated training headquarters from the command point located in the combined arms military center.

Within the frames of the training, employees of another structural unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the Emergency Situations Management Service, play an important role in the staff component. Representatives of the Civil Security and Fire - Rescue Departments of the Service are actively involved in the organization and operation of the Interagency Crisis Management Operations Center. In total, 10 employees of the Emergency Situations Management Service participate in the exercise, who will be working for 5 days in a military base, equipped in accordance with contemporary, NATO standards.