06 December 2022,   12:24
EU Ambassador opens energy efficient kindergarten in Ikalto, Kakheti

The European Union and Telavi municipality officially opened the first energy efficient kindergarten in Kakheti, which has been renovated and thermo-rehabilitated with the EU’s support. With the help of biomass energy technology, the kindergarten is fully heated in winter, while also saving 60% of costs.

The official opening took take place in the framework of the EU’s ongoing information campaign on energy efficiency “Doing More with Less” (link is external) and the visit of the EU Ambassador to Kakheti.

“Energy efficiency is a key priority for the European Union in Georgia. For this kindergarten we employ innovative technologies, using waste from vineyards, which is a cheap and good source of heating. Through this method we can create a better and healthier environment for children, while using less energy and less financial resources. The EU remains committed to supporting legislative reform in energy efficiency and developing innovative solutions like the one used here in Ikalto”, - said Carl Hartzell at the opening ceremony.

Until two years ago, Ikalto Kindergarten in Telavi Municipality used to have wood heating that could heat up only 40% of their building in winter. The situation changed after the building alongside other facilities was rehabilitated through the EU-funded project “Biomass Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies as Sustainable Energy Solutions for Covenant of Mayors Signatories”, implemented by Energy Efficiency Center Georgia in partnership with Telavi Municipality.