28 September 2022,   19:05
Pacific north-west storm wreaks havoc, with one dead and Vancouver cut off

At least one person has been killed and several more are feared dead after a huge storm hit the Pacific north-west, destroying highways and leaving tens of thousands of people in Canada and the US without power, writes The Guardian.

Canada’s largest port was cut off by flood waters, as emergency crews in British Columbia announced on Tuesday that at least 10 vehicles had been swept off a highway during a landslide.

“We’re hopeful to find people alive. But obviously that diminishes with time, the nature of the slide activity. People being caught up in mud and debris, it certainly diminishes as time goes by”, - David MacKenzie, the Pemberton district search and rescue manager, told the Globe and Mail.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed a woman’s body was recovered from the site of the landslide during a search the previous night.