28 May 2023,   13:16
Part of the opposition wants Saakashvili electorate, but without Saakashvili - Zaza Bibilashvili

Zaza Bibilashvili responds to the political situation in the country. He notes that the stalemate is partly determined by the fact that part of the opposition wants Mikheil Saakashvili"s electorate, but without Saakashvili.

“We started with a 43% referendum and claimed that [Bidzina] Ivanishvili could no longer rig the elections. Then we celebrated the TV victory in the elections. Two more months have passed and we are happy that Saakashvili is in hospital.

The stalemate is often created by the fact that part of the opposition wants Saakashvili’s electorate, but without Saakashvili. The solution, at the first stage, is to see it clearly and call everything by its own name”, - said Zaza Bibilashvili.