07 December 2023,   00:02
Europe must make clear Russia will pay high price for Ukraine action - Estonian PM

The European Union must make it clear to Russia that there would be a high price to pay if it acted against Ukraine, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said, urging the bloc to quickly agree on how to deter Moscow, writes Reuters.

“It is therefore very important that we are clear on the European side that the price of taking any steps towards Ukraine will be so high that it will act as a deterrent and make Russia reconsider”.

She said there was a narrow window for the EU and the United States to agree on a common deterrent because the migrant crisis on the Belarus-Polish border, Germany’s current lack of a government and France’s approach to a presidential election could be the “perfect storm” for Russian President Vladimir Putin to test the EU’s resolve.

Kallas said there were still plenty of tools in the box regarding sanctions that could make Putin think twice.