28 January 2022,   16:02
Gigi Ugulava was released in exchange for a fine of GEL 3,000

Tbilisi City Court recognized Gigi Ugulava as an administrative offender and released him in exchange for a fine of GEL 3,000.

Two law enforcers were questioned at today’s trial. As they said, Ugulava called them “dogs” and did not comply with the legal request to open the road. According to the opposition leader, he did not personally insult the policemen.

“Spending a day in Marneuli prison cell costs about USD 500. [Bidzina] Ivanishvili has such fees. He put the price of his hotel “Paragraph” on the Marneuli prison. I have no complaints with the staff there, but the system that has been set up is trying to use repression. The more they detain, the more brutal their actions are, the harsher the public response will be”, - said Gigi Ugulava after leaving the trial.