21 January 2022,   14:46
President of Belarus confirms readiness to stop transit of energy carriers if Poland closes border

Alexander Lukashenko confirmed his readiness to stop the transit of energy carriers, if Poland closes the border.

“When I"m being “strangled” by the Poles or any others, will I be looking at some contracts? What are you talking about? Poles have decided to close the border with Belarus. We do not travel to the European Union very often. Our interests today are most of all in Russia, China and the East. And if I close it, then what will happen to the flow, which mainly goes to Russia and China via us?”, - said the President of Belarus.
He noted that European goods will not be able to get to Russia and beyond through Ukraine. There is no transit communication via the Baltic States either.

“Only Belarus. So before you make statements, you have to use your sparrow brains and think what you’re talking about. You will close it to the damage of yourself. And if you close the border, think about how you will buy energy from Russia”, - concluded Lukashenko.