28 January 2022,   15:06
Ministers made clear any future Russian aggression would come at a high price – Jens Stoltenberg

The Foreign Ministers of the Alliance aspirant countries - Georgia and Ukraine - attended the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Riga. As NATO Secretary General said, Georgia is a close partner of alliance.

“We have just concluded a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers. In our first session, we were joined by Georgia and Ukraine. We discussed the security situation in the region. Russia’s continued aggressive and destabilising actions against its neighbours. And its military build-up in and around Ukraine.

We need to remain vigilant and avoid escalation. Ministers made clear any future Russian aggression would come at a high price, and have serious political and economic consequences for Russia.

Georgia and Ukraine are long-standing and close NATO partners. Contributing to our missions and operations. And aspiring for membership.

Ministers made clear that we stand by our decisions. Our support for their sovereignty and territorial integrity remains unwavering. And we remain committed to enhance our support to both countries.

We are already strengthening their capabilities to defend themselves. Training and exercising together. Providing maritime support. And sharing information.

We also addressed the importance of moving ahead with reforms. To strengthen the rule of law and democracy. Fight corruption. And continue to transform their security and defense sectors. These reforms are key to make both Georgia and Ukraine stronger and more resilient”, - said Jens Stoltenberg.