22 September 2023,   05:40
Georgia, Ukraine in NATO is a mine for European security, we will work with the US to rule out the expansion of the Alliance to the East - Sergey Lavrov

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs says Moscow will soon put forward proposals for a new European security pact it hopes will stop NATO from expanding further eastwards.

In a speech to the OSCE, Sergey Lavrov said Europe was returning to the nightmare of military confrontation and that he hoped Russia’s suggestions would be carefully considered.

“NATO refuses to constructively examine our proposals to de-escalate tensions and avoid dangerous incidents. On the contrary, the alliance’s military infrastructure is drawing closer to Russia’s borders. The nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning…

Once, in August 2008, it had already “exploded” when Mikheil Saakashvili, who was in euphoria from the NATO perspective, decided on an adventure that turned into dire consequences for Georgia itself and brought the security situation in Europe to a dangerous line.

Those who memorizedly repeat the Bucharest theses and insist that “third countries” have no right to express their position on the issue of NATO enlargement are playing with fire. I am convinced that they cannot fail to realize this”, - said Lavrov.