19 January 2022,   11:46
Night clubs in Georgia will open December 17 after a pause of almost 2 years - Naja Orashvili

Night clubs in Georgia will open December 17 ‘after a pause of almost two years, wrote on her Facebook page co-founder of club Bassiani Naja Orashvili.

“On December 17, after a two-year hiatus, the doors of clubs across Georgia will open and I hope they will never close again. Thanks to everyone who faithfully and firmly defended the main achievement of the club culture - the idea of a safe space. At this stage, technical issues are being clarified in order for electronic music spaces to gain green status. We will meet on the dance floors soon”, - Naja Orashvili wrote.

The idea of “safe events” initiated by the Electronic Music and Club Culture Recovery Fund and the Cultural and Creative Industries Union of Georgia (Act4culture) is supported by the Government.