06 October 2022,   11:51
Members of the PACE Monitoring Committee continue meetings with the opposition

The parties discussed the political processes in Georgia, including the detention of Mikheil Saakashvili, and the judicial and electoral reforms.

“We discussed all important issues to be necessarily resolved to lead the country from the grave political and social crisis. We touched upon our will to overcome the crisis, terminate the political persecution, selective justice and revenge.

We clearly expressed our position about the case of Mikheil Saakashvili that he is the victim of torture, inhuman and humiliating treatment, political persecution and revenge. We noted that every party with the position different from the Government, including the leaders of other political parties, critical media and activists, are subject to the wide-scale persecution”, - the Faction member, Akaki Minashvili stated.

According to him, the Faction introduced their vision of addressing the crisis.

“We need to undertake independent judicial and real reforms to give our country a chance of economic development. Recently, we see the Government “betraying” not only the Georgian citizens but all our partners not undertaking the reforms, on the contrary, the Government, contradicting its own promises, appoints the Supreme Court Judges and High Council of Justice members. We informed the guests that no real electoral reform has been undertaken but without electoral reform, without pre-term free and fair elections, where the citizens will have an opportunity to freely elect the Government they trust, the country cannot overcome the crisis”, - he added.