06 October 2022,   11:03
Georgia’s international partners, who are really supportive of Georgia’s path to European integration, want to see the continuation of the reforms - Kelly Degnan

Georgia’s international partners, the EU, the US and others who are really supportive of Georgia’s path to European integration, want to see the reform process continue. Such a statement made today the US Ambassador to Georgia.

“It is a normal part of the process to continue the reforms that Georgia has been doing for the last 20 years. I think we have seen some very impressive progress over Georgia’s 30 years of re-independence, and the expectation is, of course, that it is going to continue because there is, everyone knows, there is more to do.

Here, in this case, the parliament asked for recommendations from international experts like Venice Commission, ODHIR, other international experts, parliament asked for the recommendation now in many cases, need to be fulfilled. What is, I think, most important is that Georgia’s leaders agreed several times, including the ruling party, that these reforms are in Georgia’s best interest.

So, I think, there is real hope now that elections are finished that all the parties can come together again and work constructively to implement these reforms, to pass the legislation and keep Georgia moving forward on the path that most Georgians by far say they want and that is Georgia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic family of nations as a strong, sovereign country with a rich history that would be able to contribute to the European family of nations.

Georgia has so much to contribute. It has a history of being part of Europe, so it is a natural progression for Georgia to continue that integration process into the European family of nations. I hope we will see the progress on that very soon”, - said Kelly Degnan.