17 August 2022,   16:36
Police arrested 9 people connected with the “Thieves’ world”

The officers of the Main Division for Combating Organized Crime of the Central Criminal Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 9 people as a result of complex operative and investigative activities carried out together with the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Special Tasks Department.

The detainees are: G.L., (DoB 1992, Nicknamed “Abasha”), B.J. (DoB 1993), G.G. (DoB 1984), G.M. (DoB1992, Nicknamed “Bublika”), D.G. (DoB 1989), G.K. (DoB 1990), G.T. (DoB 1997), N.Ch. (DoB1962, Nicknamed “Megrela”) and D.S. (DoB 1991). They are accused for membership and supporting the “thieves’ world”, and contacting the member of the “thieves’ world”.

The committed crime envisions from 3 to 10 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that the members of the “thieves’ world”: G.L., B.J. And G.G. under the guidance of the “thief in law” abroad - I.K. and by using his and their own criminal authorities, in order to gain benefits and advantages for themselves and the “thieves’ world” - organized the fund gathering from self-employed taxi drivers at Tbilisi International airport from May, 2021.

To accomplish the desired goal, they hired taxi drivers in support of the “thieves’ world” - GM, DG and GK - who knew about the activities of the criminal authorities as well as others working in the airport area, who had to contribute half of the cash earned in vafour of the “Thieves’ Wolrd” in exchange for which they would be allowed to work indefinitely on the territory of Tbilisi International Airport.

Members of the “Thieves’ World” - G.L., G. C. And B. Zh systematically controlled that only those persons who were allowed by them to work by private taxies on the territory of Tbilisi International Airport were permitted to work and pay in favour of the “Thieves’ World”.

A confrontation arose between the mentioned members of the “thieves’ world” and the drivers who did not pay them. In August 2021, in order to resolve the existing dispute and influence the members of the “thieves’ world”, N. Ch. and D.S. left for Turkey, where they met the Georgian “Thief in Law” - T.Kh., who resolved the dispute in their favor.

Later, the opposing parties met, during which members of the “thieves’ world” again banned N.Ch. and his supporters from operating in the airport.

As a result of the search, the police seized computer equipment and mobile phones of the accused, through which they communicated with each other and “thieves in law” abroad, as well as money and unofficial documentation.

Investigation into the facts of membership and supporting the “Thieves’ World” and their activities, and contacting representatives of the “Thieves in Law” is in progress under article 223, part I, Article 2233 part IV and article 2234 I part of the Criminal Code of Georgia.