11 August 2022,   05:37
Tasmania bouncy castle fall: Four children killed and five others injured

Four children have died and five others are injured after falling from a bouncy castle that was blown into the air in Australia, police say, writes BBC.

The accident - caused by a wind gust - happened on Thursday at a primary school fun day in Devonport, Tasmania.

Police said the children had fallen from a height of about 10m. Two boys and two girls died.

Authorities did not give their ages but said all were in grades five or six - typically for children aged 10-12.

“A wind gust had reportedly caused the jumping castle and inflatable balls to lift into the air”, - Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine said.

“Our hearts are breaking for the families and the loved ones, schoolmates, teachers of these young people who were taken too soon”.