11 August 2022,   05:46
We sent the already adjusted budget, which amounts to GEL 1 billion 545 million - Kakha Kaladze

As the Mayor of Tbilisi said today, according to the adjusted budget, the total amount of projects to be implemented in the capital in 2022 is GEL 1 billion 545 million.

“A few days ago, we sent the already adjusted budget, which amounts to 1 billion 545 million GEL, to the Tbilisi City Municipal Assembly. From this amount, 1 billion 305 million GEL is the portion of the budget and 240 million GEL is the part of donor loans. When the people of the capital still elected us for the first term, we promised them that the budget would exceed one billion GEL.

In 2017, the budget was about 825 million GEL. We have been able to gradually increase the budget and by 2021 the budget portion has amounted to one billion 250 million GEL. In the coming years, the total budget of the capital is planned to increase to one billion 700 million GEL. In 2022 we will complete the procurement of public transport”, - said Kakha Kaladze.