30 September 2022,   03:53
US Department of State: Georgian Border Police and Coast Guard well organized and highly competent

The US Department of State has published the 2020 Country Report, in which, along with other countries, Georgia’s measures implemented in connection with the fight against terrorism is assessed. The report notes measures undertaken by the Government of Georgia to strengthen border and aviation security.

“In 2020, Georgia worked to enhance its border, maritime and aviation security through infrastructure projects and legislation.

Georgia’s border Police and Coast Guard, both well organized and highly competent, provide the initial response capability along Georgia’s land and maritime borders, respectively. The Border Police completed infrastructure projects along border with Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, all of which will increase year-round patrolling, surveillance, and deterrence capabilities. Georgia also installed a video surveillance and monitoring system, while vehicles and helicopters were added to the relevant border patrol crews.

Approximately 350 Georgian border and patrol police received basic counterterrorism tactics training from the US Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Office of Criminal Investigations. Georgia also participated in multi-agency training and countering WMDs in the maritime domain and various international CBRN trainings and projects. The Department of Defense’s Office of Defense Cooperation is working with the Georgian Coast Guard to bolster its ability to reduce waterborne smuggling of all types of illicit contraband”, – reads the US State Department’s report.