28 September 2022,   19:40
The case of Ramaz Gerliani - police found his mobile phone and a letter

law enforcers found a letter in the office of former Deputy Head of the National Environment Agency and President of Economic Transformation Centre Ramaz Gerliani who went missing on December 19, after a dispute with a policeman.

Ramaz Gerliani’s phone was also found in his office with the password provided in writing.

“He insulted me. I am disgraced, disrespected and my dignity violated… Apparently, by using a police uniform, he was collecting personal information about me and my family members, both through the police system and other means…

You wanted to influence and manage me - you will never achieve that. The law is silent. I also want to be silent, forever”, - reads the letter of Ramaz Gerliani.

Yesterday, December 20, his family members found his car - unlocked, with his personal documents and items - parked in front of the Avchala police department. As the family members say, the former wife of missing person could be linked to his disappearance.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that it is probing the man’s disappearance under Article 143 - Unlawful imprisonment - of the Criminal Code of Georgia.