30 September 2022,   03:02
Who will be able to travel in municipal transport for only 20 tetri - several more categories to be added to the citizens enjoying the preferential tariff

According to the Mayor of Tbilisi, several more categories will be added to the citizens enjoying preferential tariffs when traveling by municipal transport.

“The right to free travel will be enjoyed by blind persons registered in Tbilisi, their companions, and accompanying persons; school students; district inspectors and the employees of the Operative Main Division of the Tbilisi Police Department; employees of the Tbilisi Municipal Kindergartens; veterans of the military forces registered in Tbilisi and others.

In addition, preferential travel will be in effect. In particular, students and vocational students of Tbilisi higher education institutions will enjoy the right to travel for 0.2 GEL; employees of public general education institutions; Employees of vocational education institutions; pensioners, district doctors employed in Tbilisi-owned polyclinics, district pediatricians, and family doctors; Resource Officers working in educational institutions located within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi, etc.

The citizens living in the territory of Tbilisi with 70 000 and low rating points registered in the Unified Database of Socially Vulnerable Families will enjoy the right to travel for 0.1 GEL”, - said Kakha Kaladze.