30 September 2022,   04:21
We will introduce a season-ticket system, which will be launched on February 1, 2022 - Kakha Kaladze

A season-ticket system will be launched in Tbilisi from February 1, 2022. Such a statement made today Mayor of the capital at the session of the municipal Government at Tbilisi City Hall.

“You know how important is the transport policy, the reform we launched in 2017, and the number of measures and certain steps we have taken in this direction. All this is done to ensure that public transport is in order. We have already taken the following steps in this direction: a transport development plan has been created; transport infrastructure is updated, bus lines, bicycle lanes are being arranged and allocated; ten major transport corridors have been identified to transport the bulk of the passenger flow; public transport is synchronized with each other - subway, bus, minibus. The payment system will also be unified; the bus fleet is upgraded; A fleet of minibuses is being renewed with the support of the municipality; two stages of taxi reform have been implemented and the third stage of reform is being prepared; a new parking system has been developed.

These reforms and the upgraded transport stem certainly need to be upgraded in the payment system as well. We will introduce a season-ticket system, which will be launched on February 1, 2022. The purchase of season tickets will start on January 5. They can be purchased at the Tbilisi Underground Station box offices and the Express branches of the Bank of Georgia.
We will have 7 types of fare cards: unlimited 90-minute card - 1 GEL, unlimited one-day card - 3 GEL, unlimited one-week card - 20 GEL, unlimited one-month card - 40 GEL, unlimited three-month card - 100 GEL, unlimited six-month card - 150 GEL, unlimited one-year card - 250 GEL”, - said Kakha Kaladze.