25 September 2022,   08:52
IDP agency to procure houses in villages for 670 internally displaced families

Internally Displaced Persons, Ecomigrants and Livelihood Agency will procure houses in villages for additional 670 Internally Displaced Families.

As stated by Director of the Agency, Besarion Simonishvili, based on the requests and needs of IDPs, multiple significant changes were made in the project, “House in a Village”.

“We will hand over houses in villages to additional 670 Internally Displaced Families before the New Year. We have increased the sum allocated for each Internally Displaced Family the second time this year. The families can already benefit from these beneficial novelties. As an example, Agency will procure a house within 40 000 GEL for 7-member IDPs family, instead of 32 000 GEL”, - said Besarion Simonishvili.

As per changes made, the sum allotted for one-member family is equal to 22 000 GEL and 3000 GEL is added for each additional member of family. The timeline for selecting a house has been increased from 3-month period to 6-month period.

One more important change is that, during procurement process, expert conclusion on cost of a house will not be prepared; this novelty is best tailored to the request of IDPs and will make the process of resettlement several months faster.

During last two years, houses in villages have been handed over to more than 3000 Internally Displaced Families and this process will be continued in an active mode.