11 August 2022,   06:02
Kakha Kuchava makes the first comment after resignation

I made the decision to leave the position of Speaker. Of course, this is not a 2 – 3 day decision. Such a statement made Kakha Kuchava at a briefing in the office of the Georgian Dream.

“I have been discussing this issue with the team for about a month now. I am staying in the political council of the ruling team. The project that Irakli [Kobakhidze] mentioned is very important, however, we will not talk about the details here, because in the future you will learn more details about the direction of this project, which I will lead.

I have always said and I will repeat the same thing - the legislature is the only place where the most important decisions for the country should be made. It was not an easy period that we went through. I have tried to be the chair of everyone, I think I have largely been able to do that”, - said the former Speaker of Parliament.