30 September 2022,   03:21
Molotov cocktail thrown at Turkish embassy in Warsaw

An unidentified man threw a bottle with a combustible mixture at the building of the Turkish embassy in Warsaw. Radio station RMF reports.

According to the Polish police, the suspect was detained. It turned out to be a 34-year-old Turkish citizen who worked with an accomplice who managed to escape. Law enforcers said that a bag containing four more Molotov cocktails was found on the sidewalk near the embassy.

RMF writes that there was no information about the victims. Embassy officials put out the fire.

Earlier it became known that a man armed with a pistol threatened to use explosives and Molotov cocktails and attack an NLB bank branch in the city of Bar in Montenegro. After a conversation with the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovich, the attacker surrendered to the police.