18 May 2022,   23:30
Wine export from Georgia has increased by 360% compared to 2012

Wine from Georgia was exported to 62 countries of the world in 2021 in the volume of 107 million bottles, which is the highest indicator in the history of independent Georgia.

Besides, wine export has increased by 360% compared to 2012 and proceeds reached USD 250 MLN last year in contrast with USD 71 MLN for 2012. Such a difference has been witnessed within these 8-9 years, which is a record-high indicator. Also, 42 million bottles of brandy were exported in the reporting period, which is more than 30% higher than the respective indicator of 2020. It exceeds the 2012 level by 550%. Proceeds from the export of brandy have reached 78 MLN USD. For the comparison, it was a mere USD 20 MLN in 2012.

441 local companies are engaged in the export of wine to various countries of the world. Back in 2012, only 100 companies were exporting this commodity.

In total, proceeds from the export of wine, brandy, chacha, ethyl for brandy and bulk wine brandy reached almost 400 MLN USD, which is 18% higher than the respective indicator of 2020 and 142% higher than that of 2012.