18 May 2022,   23:27
Lelo held a meeting with NGOs on the establishment of an interim anti-corruption commission in the Parliament

Members of the faction Lelo - Partnership for Georgia held a meeting with representatives of non-governmental organizations and investigative media on the establishment of an interim anti-corruption commission in the Parliament.

According to Ana Natsvlishvili, one of the main priorities of their faction in the Parliament will be the fight against corruption, for which they plan to employ various parliamentary mechanisms, including the establishment of a commission of inquiry into corruption.

“The faction met with representatives of civil society, researchers, investigative journalists who have been working for years to detect corruption and are well aware of the challenges and problems that exist in the state system. We also discussed the need and expediency of preparing legislative changes in specific areas and set specific plans for cooperation”, - said Ana Natsvlishvili.

As she elucidated, as a result of the meeting, it was decided to set up an anti-corruption working group with the faction, which will be composed of representatives of civil society.

“One of the main goals of this working group will be to return corruption as one of the most important problems in the Georgian state to the political agenda”, - added Ana Natsvlishvili.