30 September 2022,   13:32
We look to the West with great hope - Nikoloz Samkharadze

At the Joint Sitting of the Foreign Relations and EU Integration Committees, where MPs heard the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Georgia, Sven Mikser, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee thanked the MEP for his visit to the Georgian Parliament and for participating in the Joint Sitting.

“I would like to emphasize that your visit to Georgia is taking place against the background of a rather tense regional situation. These are very critical days not only for Ukraine but for the Black Sea region as a whole and for the post-Soviet space.

We look to the West with great hope that the West will not follow Russia’s will to redistribute the world as a sphere of particular influences. We very much hope that the negotiations that have started between NATO and Russia, as well as between the US and Russia, will finally bear fruit and this situation will end peacefully.

At the same time, the interests of Georgia, as well as the interests of Ukraine, will not be compromised. This is the most important and principled issue today, and regardless of political beliefs in Georgia, the only point on which Georgian political parties agree is that our redemption lies in our union with the West”, - said Nikoloz Samkharadze.