06 October 2022,   10:28
Prosecutor’s Office launches criminal prosecution against persons involved in confrontation in front of UNM office in Rustavi

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia have launched criminal proceedings against United National Movement MP David Kirtkitadze and 3 other persons [V.B., O.K., Sh.M.] over an October 24 brawl outside the UNM’s office in Rustavi.

“On October 24, 2021, V.B. was near the office of the United National Movement in Rustavi together with his companions and protested against the policies pursued by the UNM. He also protested against David Kirtkitadze’s participation in the local elections.

During the protest, members and supporters of the UNM, including D.K, approached V.B. and his companions, and used violence against them. During the conflict, V.B., Sh.M. and O.K. used physical violence against two people who supported the political party UNM”, - reads the statement of the agency.

The crimes are punishable by a fine or community service from 180 240 hours or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

The brawl on October 24 came 6 days ahead of the bitterly contested runoffs in the 2021 local elections. David Kirkitadze was then contesting the Rustavi mayoral seat against Georgian Dream’s Nino Latsabidze.

In the 2021 runoffs, Kirkitadze subsequently lost to Latsabidze with 46.29% of votes to 53.71%, a result contested by the opposition as “rigged”.