06 October 2022,   11:56
UNM summons David Zalkaliani to the Parliament

The “United National Movement - Power is in Unity” faction is summoning Minister of Foreign Affairs to the legislature. Such a statement made today Tina Bokuchava, a member of the UNM.

“Against the background of Russian aggression in Ukraine and the new architecture of containment from the West, a new reality is being created in the region.

This is a great chance that Georgia should use, but, unfortunately, we see complete inaction on the part of the Government.

We demand that David Zalkaliani appear before the committee, first of all, to discuss the prospect of Georgia’s accession to a new format of cooperation between the North, the Baltics and the Black Sea.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated, this is an attempt to create a new zone of prosperity and security in the region and Georgia should be able to use this zone of security and prosperity”, - said Tina Bokuchava.