30 September 2022,   04:10
CEC introduced E-Submission platform for contest

Contenders to participate in the contest for the selection of members of the precinct election commission (PEC) may submit their applications electronically. The CEC created a special E-submission platform for the contest where candidates willing to submit applications for membership at precinct election commissions (PECs) and district election commissions (DECs), as well as those interested in CEC’s educational programs, may actively use such service; which greatly simplifies the procedures for both interested persons and the election administration.

By applying new electronic services, CEC continues development for adoption of election technologies and supports the improvement of the electoral environment. Please see the new platform on the CEC website (cesko.ge).

The contest was called by №20 Rustavi, №21 Gardabani, and №79 Batumi DECs at today’s meetings. For by-election, a total of 131 polling stations will be staffed, including, 117 in Rustavi and Gardabani, and 14 in Batumi.