25 September 2022,   10:01
Finance ministry investigators to inspect Tbilisi electricity distribution company

Prime Minister of Georgia instructed the Minister of Finance to engage the Financial Investigation Service (FIS) subordinated to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in the scrutiny of utility bills charged by Telmico LLC to power energy subscribers in view of their accuracy and legitimacy.

As he noted, concerns of the population have been heard in the recent past on the issue and a decision was made to get a full picture by engaging the FIS of the MOF in the scrutiny to obtain the findings within a reasonable period of time.

“I have been observing the information campaign in the recent past. I have been hearing the concerns and attitudes of the general public on the utility bills and questioned calculation. You may well be aware that many of our citizens have been receiving insufficiently reasoned responses from the utility company in the recent weeks. I am not sure whether they can be deemed as reasoned responses at all, as they have turned into an additional cause of speculation. I know that Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulation Commission (GNERC) has launched an inquiry into it and even made a statement on scrutinising the metering data of Telmico LLC and Telasi LLC. However, I made a decision to have a full picture and wish to request - or rather instruct - Lasha Khutsishvili to engage the FIS of the MOF in the scrutiny of the accuracy and legitimacy of utility bills charged by Telmico LLC to power energy subscribers. Findings are expected in a reasonable period of time.

We should see in real terms whether there was any instance of injustice or violation - technical, mechanical or whatsoever. We need to know what we are dealing with in real terms. We need to give answers to our citizens in the most efficient manner. These responses should be reasoned. If no violation is found, it will be very good indeed. However, if there is a deviation, response will be strict from our side. So, Lasha, follow-up on the matter, please”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.